The best one! Argan oil in place of evening primrose oil

Why doesn’t evening primrose oil make a good choice for everyone? I don’t mean to underestimate its properties (healing, repairing damaged, extremely dry hair, irritation or allergy-prone skin), however, this powerful oil doesn’t suit all types of hair or skin. If you don’t need an advanced product for fixing very dry skin or hair, reach for an oil of masterly-composed ingredients. If I were a poet, I’d say that Mother Nature has put all her heart while creating argan oil: an amazing beauty elixir for all hair and skin types. Check why argan oil is many women’s favorite natural cosmetic and find out how to choose the best argan oil.

best organic argan oil

Argan oil: why it’s world’s best oil?

Argan oil is unusual, not just because over a hundred of substances actively repairing and conditioning skin and hair have been found in its composition. This oil features the most favorable set of fatty acids and that’s why it has a great effect on skin and hair. The power of this oil translates into actual effects because only argan can enhance the appearance of hair so quickly. Within around fifteen minutes since application hair gets elastic, smooth and soft again. Regular application of argan oil has far more benefits for skin and hair, though.

Argan oil: benefits & effects
  • is a versatile oil for all types of hair and skin
  • is suitable for body and nail care too
  • smoothes out wrinkles, evens out the skin tone
  • delays aging process
  • holds back hair loss
  • makes hair grow fast
  • has antiaging effect
  • neutralizes free radicals
  • stimulates cells to repair
  • encourages hair follicles to work, increases volume of hair
  • brilliantly moisturizes and locks in water
  • tightens, firms up, adds elasticity to skin
  • nourishes, strengthens hair, improves the appearance and structure
  • is safe and natural
  • fights all kinds of skin imperfections
  • enhances anti-cellulite and stretch marks treatment

natural argan hair oil

Top-of-the-line! Nanoil Argan Oil

Seeking a flawless argan oil? Try out pure natural argan oil by Nanoil. Its prestige is proven by the Ecocert seal granted only to the first-class products. Argan oil launched by Nanoil is 100% pure, unrefined and cold-pressed, therefore, it houses all that’s most beneficial in Argan nuts. The oil is made of:

  • 80% unsaturated fatty acids (mostly omega 6 and 9)
  • vitamins A and E
  • plant sterols (phytosterols)
  • squalane essential for healthy skin
  • carotenoids
  • butyrospermol
  • over 100 active substances in total

Nanoil Argan Oil is highly rated by happy users. Its popularity arises from efficiency and versatility: it is a brilliant hair oil treatment as well as a rich, exclusive, all-natural, anti-wrinkle serum and whole body revitalizer. This oil also has a good price when we consider its quality. Go to and meet the best oil which has been made to let the quality go hand in hand with the effectiveness.

Nanoil Argan Oil: limitless possibilities in your daily beauty routine

organic argan hair oilNanoil Argan Oil is an ideal hair treatment: a hair and scalp mask to leave in for 30 minutes or several hours, even throughout the night, and rinse in the morning using a shampoo, then style hair as usual.

The oil makes a brilliant addition to hair balms and conditioners, and is a great ingredient in nourishing, oil-based hair mists. Let it stand in for your serum for damaged hair ends to instantly improve the appearance. The fastest hair repair therapy with argan oil involves applying it to dry hair and then shampooing the tresses after 15 minutes.

You should remember that Nanoil Argan Oil is an all-purpose product for face, body and hair care. In other words, it helps fight various skin blemishes, hair problems, stretch marks or cellulite.