Dull and weak hair? Try out evening primrose oil!

Lots of women all over the world struggle with the problem of dry, damaged and dull hair. Weak hair often comes together with some unpleasant ailments: dandruff, brittleness, frizz, static, excessive hair loss, premature greying, hair doesn't grow.

If you also find more and more hairs on your brush and you are afraid of thinning – try to repair your hair and scalp with evening primrose oil.

This oil is extracted from the seeds of a quite common plant that has yellow petals. The cosmetic properties of evening primrose are priceless. It outclasses other natural oils in regard to beauty benefits.

Evening primrose oil contains 75% of omega-6 linoleic acid so it is suitable for high porosity, delicate and dull hair. Its particles can ideally fit between cuticles that are highly raised due to improper care. What is more, evening primrose oil protects from damage, adds shine and bounce to high porosity hair.

Primrose oil contains vitamins and minerals (including vitamin E, selenium, zinc and magnesium) that strengthen and regenerate your strands. They nourish hair bulbs, guarantee proper hair growth and contribute to the production of keratin – building block of hair.

Evening primrose oil is going to save your hair from damage, strengthen and make it more manageable. Hair ends will be protected from splitting. Thanks to phytosterols, evening primrose oil moisturises, delivers resilience as well as provides scalp with soothing and anti-bacterial action. It helps to fight the dandruff and mild form of psoriasis, leaves the scalp clean and hair – shiny and vital.

The best one! Argan oil in place of evening primrose oil

Why doesn’t evening primrose oil make a good choice for everyone? I don’t mean to underestimate its properties (healing, repairing damaged, extremely dry hair, irritation or allergy-prone skin), however, this powerful oil doesn’t suit all types of hair or skin. If you don’t need an advanced product for fixing

Evening primrose oil – how does it work on hair?

Natural oils used in hair care are nothing new for the inhabitants of India and South America. The rest of the world only recently discovered their incredible regenerating and nourishing properties. hair oiling is the best treatment for conditioning and strengthening vitality you can provide your wisps in the

Wonderful hair treatments with evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is a great remedy for damaged hair. It does not only protect but also regenerates strands and strengthens in a way that the effects of the treatment are visible instantly. Of course, for full regeneration you must devote more time and be consistent, but this effort

Evening primrose oil – cosmetic properties

Natural cosmetics are more valued for their properties, not only considering health but also cosmetic. No other substance will ever provide such complex protection, nurture and regeneration. They work not only on the skin but also hair. Additionally, they often regenerate dry, weakened nail plate.  Evening primrose oil is